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At Hush Biomed, we’re dedicated to providing a solution that is grounded in scientific research and driven by results. Our commitment to the rigorous study and testing of our product is what sets us apart. Below is a summary of the research behind our innovative Q.I.1 device.

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Preliminary Studies

Before we introduced the Q.I.1 to the world, we conducted preliminary studies to ensure its effectiveness in providing immediate and long-term relief from tinnitus. The results were beyond promising, conclusively demonstrating a significant reduction in the perception of tinnitus.

Pilot Study

To validate our preliminary findings, we conducted a pilot study involving 23 patients. They were treated with a 1-minute duration per side using the Q.I.1 device, with self-selected simultaneous high-frequency masking.

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Research-Driven Results

The outcomes of the pilot study were impressive.

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of patients (22/23) experienced an immediate reduction in the severity of their tinnitus, with an average reduction of 68%.
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of patients (12/23) reported a persistent treatment effect up to 24 hours, with an average reduction in the severity of their tinnitus by 33%.

These results were achieved after a single, 1-minute treatment session with the Q.I.1 device.

How it Works

A Solution Backed by Science

The research behind the Q.I.1 showcases our unwavering commitment to creating a solution that genuinely works. Our focus on scientific rigor and data-driven results ensures that you’re investing in a product that delivers what it promises: relief from the persistent torment of tinnitus.

At Hush Biomed, we don’t just believe in our product; we have the research to back it up. With the Q.I.1, you can trust that you’re choosing a solution built on a solid foundation of scientific research and proven results.

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