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How it Works

Innovative Design

At the heart of Hush Biomed is the Q.I.1, our patent-pending device specifically designed for tinnitus relief. It’s not just another product on the market; it’s a game-changer. As a consumer electronic device, we’ve streamlined the purchasing process through a direct-to-consumer (DTC) business model, making the solution easily accessible to those who need it most.

Customizable Treatment

Understanding that every individual is unique, we’ve incorporated a guided approach to customizing treatment. Our device is app-connected, allowing you to tailor the therapy based on your specific needs. With a few taps on your smartphone, you can adjust and control the parameters to ensure optimal relief.

Proven Success

Our device doesn’t just promise results; it delivers them. Studies show outstanding immediate and long-term success in relieving tinnitus with a single session. This isn’t a claim we make lightly; it’s backed by rigorous scientific research and testing. It’s not just about providing a moment of respite; it’s about delivering lasting relief.

See the Research

The Science Behind Q.I.1

The Q.I.1 is more than just a wearable device. It employs a unique blend of patented somatosensory stimuli, along with simultaneous high tone masking. This innovative approach targets the root of the problem, delivering instant and long-term relief from chronic tinnitus.

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Invest in a Sound Future

For investors, Hush Biomed represents an opportunity to be part of a cutting-edge solution with significant market potential. Our initial patent protection for a consumer wearable device that provides customizable instant and long-term relief for chronic tinnitus sets us apart in a growing market. With Hush Biomed, you’re not just investing in a company; you’re investing in a future where tinnitus is a problem of the past.

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