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Our Story

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The Spark

Hush Biomed didn’t start in a boardroom, but rather from a spark ignited by personal experience.  One of the founder’s fathers, a frustrated tinnitus sufferer, mentioned that a manual percussion technique seemed to relieve his ringing. His observation inspired two initially skeptical friends  – a Board-certified Otolaryngologist and Board-certified Hearing Instrument Specialist – to deeply explore the hard science around the neural and auditory basis for this perceived effect. What they pulled together from wide ranging studies both surprised them and formed the scientific basis for their mission.  It was this blend of personal connection and professional insight that led to the birth of Hush Biomed.

Our Mission

We see the struggle of patients with tinnitus daily. It’s heart-breaking, and before, there weren’t enough ways to help. This frustration sparked innovation. We created a headset that uses gentle vibrations to relieve the constant, irritating noise of tinnitus. Our goal was simple: to provide real, tangible relief.

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Hush Biomed Today

Fast forward to now, and Hush Biomed is a family dedicated to bettering lives. We’re not just a company; we’re a community that cares about your wellbeing. And we’re not just here to bring a change; we’re here to provide relief from the persistent torment of tinnitus. That’s the Hush Biomed promise.